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Venezuela shot down a US airplane that was flying illegally in its airspace


The Minister of the Interior and Justice of Venezuela, Nstor Reverol, reported this Tuesday that “ineffective“a drug trafficking plane with North American license plate, which illegally entered the Venezuelan airspace by the state of Zulia, bordering Colombia.

“The officers of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, after detecting the unlawful air unit with the radars of the Comprehensive Aerospace Defense Command (Codai), activated all of the protocols established within the Control Law for the Comprehensive Defense of Aerospace”, defined the minister by social networks.

Reverol specified that it was “disabled close to a clandestine runway, within the Machiques de Perij municipality.”

“We stay on everlasting alert, monitoring our airspace to stop it from getting used for illicit drug trafficking from Colombia,” he added.

From July 2019 to the identical month this 12 months, Venezuela seized 44 tons of medicine. This nation shares greater than 2,000 kilometers of border with Colombia, which produces 70% of cocaine that’s consumed on the earth, based on the United Nations Organization World Drug Report.

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