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Uttarakhand Haldwani Angry Elephant Enters in Village Video Is Going Viral In Social Media – Hungry Elephants entered the village, created panic, angry trunk and then did something like this


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Hungry elephant entered the village, created terror, raised trunk in anger and then … View Video

On social media, a video of an Angry Elephant is becoming increasingly viral, on which you will also be scared. A hungry elephant wreaked havoc in a village in Uttarakhand in search of sugarcane. He attacked those who came before him. After several hours in the village, there was a ruckus, but the villagers fear that the elephant will not come again.

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The terror of two elephants continues in the rural areas adjoining the Terai Central Forest Division of Haldwani. Elephants enter the village today and wreak havoc on sugarcane crops. Herds of elephants reach the farmland and trample on their standing crops. A video of this has also surfaced, which is intimidating.

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The elephant has arrived in the courtyard of a house in Haripur Bhandev village of Haldwani, where after which the villagers made a lot of noise, the elephant went out towards the forest.

As long as the elephant remained in the area, the people were in panic, further danger remained due to the fact that the elephants returned again due to the greed of sugarcane supplements.

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