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US welcomes India in UNSC saying new year new opportunity – US welcomes India joining UNSC, says new year, new opportunities


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India has taken temporary membership of UNSC for the eighth time.

The United States has welcomed the temporary inclusion of India in the UN Security Council. The US State Department’s Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs said on Monday that it is willing to work together on many other peaceful interests, including the India-Pacific case. The bureau said in a tweet that ‘A new year has brought new opportunities to strengthen the relationship between old friends and colleagues’.

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The tweet said, ‘We welcome India to the UN Security Council and are willing to work with @IndiaUNNewYork to ensure a more peaceful and safe Indo-Pacific and world.’


Let me tell you that for the eighth time period of 2021-22, India has taken membership as a temporary member of the United Nations Security Council. The national flag of India was also hoisted on the institution on Monday.

On this occasion, Permanent Representative of India TS Tirumurthy said, “In such a situation, when India is taking membership of the Council for the eighth time, it is an honor for me to participate in today’s flag ceremony by becoming its permanent representative.” He said, ‘We will work together to find a solution for this period of our membership in the matter of human-centered and international peace and security. India will become the voice of developing countries. We will not back down from raising voices against enemies of humanity such as terrorism.

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