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Universe will witness rare astronomical event, Jupiter and Saturn will be very close after 400 years – Universe will witness rare astronomical event, Jupiter and Saturn will be very close after 400 years


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NASA’s handout shows Moon (left), Saturn (upper), Jupiter (below).


Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction: Jupiter (Jupiter) and Saturn (Saturn), the two largest planets of the solar system, will come very close to each other today. This amazing coincidence will not happen again until the year 2080. According to astronomers, this “great combination” occurs fortunately for those in the Northern Hemisphere, at the peak of winter and early summer in the south of the Earth. Both planets are actually more than 730 million kilometers away. But due to their alignment with respect to the Earth, they appear close to each other at some point in about 400 years.

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According to Indian time, the two planets will be closest to each other at around 11: 52 minutes. The distance between the two giant planets will not be more than one-fifth of the full diameter of the moon when viewed with a telescope or a good telescope. Florent DeLaffey of the Paris Observatory said that with the naked eye, they would merge into the “highly luminous” dual planet.

Both these planets had come so close in the 17th century during the lifetime of the great astronomer Galileo. Space scientists say that it is not very rare for two big planets to come close in our solar system. Jupiter passes every 20 years from its neighbor Saturn, but it is special to come so close to it.

Scientists say that the distance between the two planets will be only 0.1 degree from their perspective. David Weintraub, professor of astronomy at Vanderbilt University, said, “I believe it would be fair to say that this phenomenon usually occurs only once in a person’s life.”


It is worth mentioning that earlier in July 1623, both planets came so close but due to their proximity to the Sun it was almost impossible to see them. At the same time, before that in March, 1226, both planets came close and this event could be seen from the earth. Since then, this is happening for the first time when this astronomical event is happening and it can also be seen.

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