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Twitter user shares picture of Chocolate Maggi Recipe. Mixed and eaten Maggi and chocolate


People also do not have strange hobbies, but if they keep it limited to themselves, it would be right. But do not know why people do not desist from doing activities that hurt the hearts of people. Now look at this sir, he made a new dish with chocolate and maggi and also shared his picture on Twitter. Now when you play with someone’s favorite food, people will get angry.

The picture of this unique dish made of chocolate and maggi has been shared by a Twitter user named Vikas. In this picture you can see chocolate and maggi being made in a pot.

It was too late for him to do so that the public washed their hands and fell behind. You can also see how people are classing it fiercely:

It was really nothing short of a nightmare for Maggie and the chocolate lovers. By the way, this is not the first time that someone has put such weird combination of food on social media. In the past, people have also done things like eating tea and boiled egg, tea and chicken tikka.

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