The reaction of the actor came after the completion of two years of Tumbbad, tweeted and said - I love it when ...

Reaction of Sohum Shah when Tumbbad completes two years

Special things

  • ‘Tumbad’ completes two years
  • Soham Shah’s reaction
  • The tweet is becoming viral on social media

new Delhi:

The release of the horror film ‘Tumbbad’ has completed two years. This film shows the story of greed and hunger. The film was released on 12 October 2018. However, ‘Tumbbad Film’ did not get much popularity at the time of release. But later, the audience appreciated the story of the film and made it the best horror film in Bollywood so far. At the same time, after the completion of two years of ‘Tumbad’, the reaction of actor Sohum Shah who plays the lead ‘Vinayak Rao’ in the film has come.

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Sohum Shah Twitter has recently tweeted and thanked fans. Soham Shah tweeted about the success of ‘Tumbad’ and wrote, “It has been 2 years since Tumbbad was released. And thank you for the love you have shown for the film. Today when I tell you “I like how much you like this film, I like it very much.”

People are commenting a lot on this tweet of Sohum Shah and giving their feedback. The film is the story of a hidden treasure hunt in the village of Tumbad in 20th century British India. However, the film has been shown very deeply about the kind of treasure greed that kills people.

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