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Trump Orders Ban On Eight Mobile Apps Of China For National Security – Trump Shocks China Before Leaving US Throne


NBC News

New Delhi. US President Donald Trump dealt a major blow to China before leaving the presidency. As a result, China is likely to suffer huge losses. The Trump administration has issued orders banning eight Chinese mobile apps. The Trump administration has said, citing national security, that these apps collect personal information from Americans.

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Trump bans Chinese apps
US President Donald Trump has issued orders banning eight Chinese mobile apps in the wake of national security concerns. According to the White House, the banned apps include Alipay, Cam Scanner, QQ Wallet, Shareite, Tencent QQ, WeMate, WeChatPay and VPAP Office. Even before this, the USA has closed many apps in China. Which includes BitDance’s app TickTock.

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Citing national security
Citing national security, White said the apps were collecting personal information from US citizens, which could be used by the Chinese government. On the other hand, Chinese officials have once again denied these allegations of the United States. It remains to be seen what the atmosphere will be like after Joe Biden takes over as President of the United States on January 20.

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