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Trump Had Raised Billions Of Dollars In The Presidential Election – Disclosure: Trump Had Raised Billions Of Dollars In The Presidential Election In These Ways!


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-The federal report reveals that President Donald Trump used deceptive and illegal methods to raise funds for the election.
-According to the data, Trump raised Rs 96 crore every day after the election (According to the data, Trump raised Rs 96 crore every day after the election)

By: pushpesh

Published: 08 Dec 2020, 12:40 AM IST

Election Defeated US President Donald Trump has raised 49 495 million (Rs 3,651 crore) since mid-October in a misleading appeal to the public, with 207 207 million (Rs 1,531 crore) raised since polling day. The amount raised since October 16 far exceeds the expectations of Trump and the Americans. This means that between October 16 and November 23, Trump raised an average of about मिल 13 million (Rs 96 crore) per day. The ‘Trump Make America Again’ committee, which raises funds for Trump, has raised such a large amount of money by sending emotional and misleading appeals like Trump’s ‘Save America’ to the people through mail and text messages.

The fund was announced last Thursday by Trump’s campaign committee, which will make it public by next month. President-elect Joe Biden’s committee has not yet released the figures. Bill Stepian, manager of the ‘Trump 2020’ campaign, said that the large amount in the fund shows that Trump is still an energetic leader for the Republican Party and his claim to know the legal results of the election is strong. Trump has found support in many parts of the country in his struggle to improve the electoral process, so that in 2022 we can gain a majority in the Senate.

Where will the fund money be spent?
Most of the funds raised will probably go to the Save America group of the Political Action Committee after leaving the presidency, which Trump can spend on various items after leaving the White House. While some will spend in their ongoing legal battle over the presidential election.

Some kind of appeal to raise funds
Of the hundreds of grants coming in November, the largest amount came from the Election Defense Fund, which called for an end to voter fraud in the presidential election. Written in a mail, we who cannot buy Biden’s presidency, we have to fight for the support of the American people in the future. Wrote in one, will you let the corrupt Democrats grab the election.

Donald Trump

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