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True Love Never Die: Message conveyed by Movie “Sweet Home Alabama”


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Sweet Home Alabama

American romantic comedy film, ‘Sweet Home Alabama”, is directed by Andy Tennant and produced by Neal H Mortiz.This hollywood movie was released in September 27, 2002 and grossed $180.6 million against $30 million budget.The story of this movie concludes that True love never dies.

Melanee Smooter, becomes a successful Fashion designer of America and changes her sur name to “carmichael’ to hide her background and poverty roots because she belongs to a poor family.

Where Jake and Melanee met?

10 year old Jake Perry and Melanee observes the light striking sand on an Alabama beach. Jake desired to marry Melanee.

How Melanee’s mind changed?

A wealthy rich man, Andrew Henning, proposes Melanee and Melanee’s mind got distracted and she decided to take divorce from her husband, Jake. Jake lover her so much and don’t want to left her. He don’t want to divorce Melanee at any cost. On the same time, Andrew’s Mother and Mayor of New York city, doubts and finds Melanee unsuitable to marry Andrew.

Melanee drunk at the local bar, and insults her old school friends. In unconsciousness, she ordered her childhood friend Bobby Ray to get lost. So on the next day, when her condition turns good she apologizes her friend, Bobby Ray, for her rude behavior and reconciles with her other friends too.

Jake, husband of Melanee followed her to New York to win her back, because he don’t want to leave her at any cost. They both have a heart to heart talk.

How Melanee and Andrew tie the knot?

Firstly, Andrew refuses to marry Melanee when he comes to know all the truth, about her husband and her background. Later, Andrew Henning decided to marry her. Finally they decided to tie knot in New York, all friends of Melanne were also invited.

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What happened during the ceremony?

Meanwhile, lawyer appeared there holding divorce papers, which Jake never signed. Entry of lawyer halts the ceremony and Melanee realizes the truth that she really loves Jack and cancel the wedding with Andrew. Andrew got engaged a girl named Erin.Sweet Home Alabama , movie  gives us a sense that “True Love Never Dies.”

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