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Tom Ellis will be back in season 6 of the infernal drama

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Notice to fans of the infernal drama Lucifer: even if the series has not been officially renewed, actor Tom Ellis will indeed be part of the possible sixth and final season of the series.

The negotiations so that the actor Tom ellis plays Lucifer Morningstar again in the sixth season of the series Lucifer were perilous. Negotiations which have almost endangered this final season. But good news: Lucifer has not yet been officially renewed that actor Tom Ellis has still decided to play the Lord of the Underworld once again. He has effectively signed a new agreement with the producers of the series, as reported TVLine.

An announcement that suggests that we will most likely be entitled to a season 6 of Lucifer, while the release of season 5 has not yet been announced by Netflix, although many fans agree that the series will be back on the platform in 2020.

This is therefore very promising news that should delight fans of Lucifer. However, it should not be forgotten either that the resumption of production will undoubtedly be further delayed, with containment still in force in the United States.

Are you eager to discover this final season? Did you like the previous ones?


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