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Today Horoscope April 6: Saturn and Moon are making vish yoga in Capricorn Aries and Gemini people may get trouble Read aaj ka tashifal


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Planetary PositionMars and Rahu are still moving in Taurus. Ketu is in Scorpio zodiac. In Capricorn, Saturn and Moon are moving by making poison. The Guru has entered Aquarius. Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Pisces.

Business losses may occur. Health is moderate. Distance remains in love. Slightly cross over. Worship Shani Dev Donate a blue item

TaurusBall may get stuck in luck. Honor may get hurt. Health is moderate. The state of love is also not very good. Worship Lord Shani.

Gemini-Injuries can occur. Can get into some trouble. Health is good, love is fine. From a business point of view, it will do almost right. Worship Lord Shani.

Cancer-Spouse’s health seems to be affected. There may be a problem in employment. The business situation is looking a little worse. Health is moderate. Love and business are also not doing well. Slightly cross over. Donate a Blue Item Worship Lord Shiva. Do Jalabhishek if possible.

Lion-Enemies will prevail. Health will improve. The situation of love and children is good. Worship Lord Vishnu.

Kanya-Focus on the health of children. The state of health is moderate. In love, you can fall prey to me. Overall, from a business point of view it will do fine. Do Jalabhisheka to Lord Shiva.

Libra-There may be problems in purchasing land, buildings, vehicles. There can be victims of homicides. There may be a chest disorder. There may be a problem in the health of the mother. Health, love will be almost right from the middle, business point of view. Worship Lord Shani.

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ScorpioWill remain extremely powerful. The might you have done will give you success. Time for commercial success. Health will be moderate. The state of love has improved a lot. Donate a Blue Item

SagittariusTake control of speech Do not invest capital. Do not get entangled with family members. Can be the victim of oral disease. From health point of view, love medium, business, you are doing well. Keep the red item nearby.

Capricorn-Health will remain soft and warm. If something good happens, then something bad will happen, it is the middle time. There will be a slight improvement in the state of love. Are doing well from a business point of view. Worship Maa Kali.

Aquarius-Health can be affected. Energy levels will decrease slightly. Health, love will be right from the middle, business point of view. Keep praying to Lord Ganesha.

PiscesEconomic matters will be resolved, but some concern will remain. Health medium, love medium, will go almost right from business point of view. Worship Lord Shiva.

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