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Tips and Tricks To Use Gmail Like A Pro


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How to Use Gmail | Tips and Tricks

Emails are a crucial component of any workplace. And with many of us working remotely these days, it goes without saying that we can expect more messages in our inbox this year. If you’re one of Gmail’s 1.5 billion global active users, why not step up your email game by keeping these top tips and tricks in mind?

Schedule the Delivery of Your Emails

Instead of leaving an email in the “Drafts” folder or even setting a reminder to send, Gmail actually has a built-in feature that schedules when your email will be automatically sent. To schedule the delivery at a later time, you’ll need to open the drop-down menu beside the “Send” button in the message window. From there, click on “Schedule send” and you can select your specified date and time for your email’s delivery.

Protect Your Emails with Confidential Mode

What’s great about Gmail is that gives its users more power to control their information. Indeed, we’ve previously covered how Gmail provides the option of recalling a message up to 30 seconds after you’ve sent it — whether you’ve attached the wrong file or addressed it to the wrong contact. But you can manage your information even better by using Gmail’s Confidential Mode.

Here, you can make your emails self-destruct by setting a time limit, from one day to five years. Moreover, CNET also points out that using Confidential Mode allows you to withdraw the recipient’s access to the email at any time. You can even set a passcode for accessing the email. To turn on Confidential Mode on Gmail, click the “Compose” option and then select the lock icon on the bottom of the message window.

Manage Your Attachments

Do you often forget to add the right file and have to send a follow up email? If the answer is yes, Gmail has an attachment reminder option that alerts you to the fact that no file is attached before you send. It is also very easy to attach a file now, as all you need to do is drag it from your desktop and drop it into your message body. Not to mention, this allows pictures to be embedded in the text. However, there is a 25 MB limit to attachments in any e-mail — anything larger than that will be uploaded to your Google Drive and sent as a link.

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It’s important to note, though, that all Google Accounts come with just 15 GB of free storage across the different services. So, if you don’t plan on upgrading your account, it’s a good idea to keep attachments at a minimum or regularly clean out your inbox. If you really need to transfer large amounts of data, Box details how you can send large files through the cloud using a shared link. A good cloud service can let you securely send files of up to 32 GB (more than double the amount of Google Accounts), leaving your email free for word documents and small files Plus, if you want the recipients to work on the same file, their edits and comments can automatically be synced. Using Gmail with other platforms (that can often be linked to your account) will make the sending and viewing of files much more convenient.

Put Gmail on Mute

Did you know that that the average professional spends 4.1 hours each day answering work messages? Whether you had a hectic workday or you’re on vacation, you deserve some peace and quiet from your inbox. Fortunately, Gmail lets you take a break from those pesky notifications on your screen by muting email threads for a certain time. And don’t fret you won’t forget these messages, as you’ll be notified after your chosen time has expired.

If you want to use Gmail like a pro, you have to make it work for you. We hope the above tips have helped.

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