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This tree, which has been imprisoned in chains for hundreds of years, was arrested by a drunk English officer


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Whenever we see the history of India behind independence, our soul trembles after listening to the oppression of the British. If many Indians were imprisoned in liberating this country, many people laugh and hanged on the noose. Many arrests are mentioned in our history. But have you ever heard of a tree arrest?

Now the question must be arising in your mind that why someone would arrest the tree, if there is more problem, then you will cut the tree. But an English jailor arrested the tree in a drunken state and that tree is still held in big chains till date.

The case is of the year 1898 James Squid, a British officer stationed at Lundi Kotal Army Cantonment in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, had drunk heavily one day. Drunkenly, he was walking in the park. Suddenly the officer felt that the tree was coming towards him and he would attack and kill them.

He immediately ordered the sergeant of the mess to arrest the tree immediately. After this, the soldiers stationed there held the tree in chains. Pakistan became independent but the people there did not remove these chains from the tree. The people believe that this tree is a specimen of British oppression. Seeing this, people will get an idea of ​​how the British used to oppress us.

Along with this, he also hung a plank on the tree and the plank has written ‘I am Under arrest’, along with this the whole anecdote is also written. However, the British left and India and Pakistan separated, but this tree still reminds us of the black law of the British rule.

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