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This secret deal that caught Elizabeth II off guard


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The move of the Sussexes always rhymes with scandal.

As discreet as it is opulent, Frogmore Cottage has ended up capturing the eyes of the whole world. It is that the residence of Windsor crystallizes in spite of itself all the tensions related to the famous “Megxit” for a year. Completely renovated – the work had cost taxpayers 2.7 million euros -, what was to be the cozy nest of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will remain as a black point in the passage of the actress of 39 years in the ranks of the British royal family. And it’s not over…

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According to Sun on Sunday, the Sussexes would have made a deal on the sly with Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank so that the latter can settle there in their place. To do this, the quartet would not have hesitated to hide the plan from Elizabeth II. ” Initially, this idea of ​​Harry and Meghan regarding a move in from Eugenie and Jack caught the senior royals off guard“, Assured a source during the weekend. ” The Queen was only notified after the plan was discussed between the couples. It is an agreement established between Harry, Meghan, Eugenie and Jack. They have a very strong bond“, Added this one.

Harry with Eugenie and Beatrice. DPA

The Daily Mail also reports that the last possessions of the Sussexes still at Frogmore Cottage were repatriated to California on Friday, November 20. Archie’s parents have never seemed this far from the UK.

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