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This remark about her cancer that she finds it hard to bear


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Known to publicize her fight against cancer for ” to uninhibit other patients ”Shannen Doherty recently confessed that she feels healthy.

Last February, Shannen Doherty announced that her breast cancer had returned. A cancer that was diagnosed in 2015 and against which the actress had to fight for two years before announcing to be in remission. A few days ago, the actress agreed to give her news by answering questions from her friend Sarah Michelle Gellar for Entertainment Tonight.

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In this interview, we learn that Shannen Doherty ” is doing well“. ” I’m fine. I love when people tell me, ‘I’m praying for you’. But at some point you have to say, ‘It’s okay, everything is fine.’ I feel good, I am fine. There are many people in the world who are in need of your prayers. Me, I feel really in good shape. I have a wonderful medical team who treat me“, She testifies.

What if the star of Beverly hills continues to talk about her cancer without taboos, it’s for a simple reason. ” If I keep talking about my story, it’s because I really want to contribute to cancer education and awareness, while also helping to raise more money. And then I would really like people to stop thinking, when they hear stage IV cancer, that the person is very sick, cannot stand up anymore.“, She explains.

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