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This person fell in love with a plastic doll! Click here to know more


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Love is blind, you must have heard this many times. But today the person we are going to tell you has fallen in love with a plastic doll. Yes, this man’s heart fell on a doll. He bought this doll for his Pleasure but while living with it realized that it is the true love of his life. In such a situation, he got engaged with this doll.

This matter came to light from Hong Kong. Shai Tianrong, 36, who lives here, has decided to marry a doll instead of falling in love with a girl. The person has engaged with this doll.

Shai has given many expensive gifts to her new fiance after her engagement. This includes expensive clothes from the iPhone 12 and several pairs of expensive footwear.

Shai lives with his parents. He was very much interested in dolls many years ago, while staying with this doll, he became so comfortable that he got engaged to him.

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