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They discover a bear extinct 15,000 years in the past and it’s fully preserved


Reindeer herders lately discovered the superbly preserved corpse of an extinct grownup bear on the Siberian island of Great Liakhovsky, within the Russian Republic of Saj (Yakutia), the Northeast Federal University MK Ammosov reported this Saturday.

The physique belonged to a cave bear, also called ‘Ursus spelaeus’, a species that inhabited Eurasia and have become extinct about 15,000 years in the past. According to preliminary research, this specimen might have lived about 22,000-39,500 years in the past. “You want to hold out radiocarbon evaluation to find out the precise age of the bear,” defined Maksim Cheprsov, principal investigator on the Yakutsk City Mammoth Museum laboratory.

The new discovery is of “world significance,” stated Lena Grigrieva, director of the molecular paleontology laboratory. “Currently, it’s the first and solely discover of its sort: a complete bear corpse with gentle tissues. It is totally preserved, with all the interior organs in place, together with the nostril,” the scientist defined, including that beforehand solely skulls and bones.

The researchers assured that a big worldwide scientific undertaking can be launched to check the discovering. “We will research the bear’s carcass utilizing all fashionable scientific analysis strategies: molecular, mobile, microbiological and different genetics,” stated Grigrieva.

In addition, a preserved corpse of a cave bear cub was discovered individually on mainland Yakutia. Scientists hope to acquire materials from his DNA.

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