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These eating habits are the main cause of Pimples


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You must have seen many people who are troubled by pimples or pimples problem. In such a situation, even pimple marks appear on their face, if you have any such problem, then consider your daily habits, if your eating and drinking habits are there, then do not invite pimples. doing! Come, know, the Eating habits which cause the most pimples-

Why are pimples
The problem of pimples on the face is usually associated with Teenage. This happens because at this age, there are rapid hormonal changes taking place in our body. Due to this, pimples grow on our skin due to hormones level disturbing. Which initially feel like a small rash or bulge.

Change these habits
Taking too much of oil or ghee in the daily diet always causes acne problems.

Dairy product
It is very important for the dairy product to maintain balance in its diet, the problem of pimples comes in the presence of high amounts in the diet.

Non veg
Non-veg is rich in protein, but eating more non-veg increases the temperature of the body, which does not clear the stomach and the problem of acne surrounds you.

Tobacco cigarettes
Consumption of tobacco directly or drinking cigarette-bidi can lead to many skin diseases along with health. You should stay away from it.

junk food
Eating junk food in the evening every day not only increases your weight, but it also causes you to have a problem of acne.

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