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There are signs of mild improvement in the condition of Corona in Delhi, fewer cases than test.


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In Delhi, 23,507 RT-PCR tests were done in the last 24 hours, which is the highest ever. But the total number of infected cases which came out are 6608. Whereas on November 11, when Delhi had the highest record of 8,593 new cases, the number of RT-PCR tests was 19,304.

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That is, even after doing about 4,000 more RT-PCR tests, the new cases are about 2,000 less which is a matter of some relief because:


1. RT-PCR tests are the most reliable.
2. Most people with symptoms get this test done.
3. People who come in contact with an infected person also pay attention to this.
4. Recently, when the Ministry of Home Affairs decided to increase the number of this test, it was feared that it would increase the number of new cases, but it is not yet seen.

However, at this time the government is also pushing to increase the number of this RT-PCR test. At one time in November, the positivity rate had crossed 15 percent but today it is around 10 and a half percent. Although the death toll remains constant around 100 daily, it still remains a matter of concern.

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