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The worst corona havoc in November, more than 1.5 crore Covid-19 cases found in 28 days


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Corona Virus Cases Update: Patient anticipates further rise in December after November

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Coronavirus Cases have taken a terrible form again around the world after a sluggish pace in summer. It has caused the most havoc in the month of November. Now average 5.75 lakh to six lakhs in the world Corona virus Cases are coming up every day, which is almost double as compared to October. 3.81 Lakhs daily in October Covid-19 Case Were coming to the world. Whereas in everyday cases in India (Corona Cases)
has decreased.

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According to WorldMeter data, there were a total of 62554864 cases of corona on 28 November. Meanwhile, between 1 November and 28 November, more than 1 crore 61 lakh were found infected. If the ratio is calculated according to these 28 days, then 5.75 lakh patients are getting daily. At the end of October, there were 46454158 patients in the world. During the 31 days of October, 1.18 crore patients were found all over the world. This resulted in an average of 3.81 lakh new cases filed every day.

This clearly shows that not only is corona becoming as dangerous as it was in the initial phase in winter last year, but the number of patients getting compared to it is manifold. At the end of September, there were 3.42 crore patients in the world. On an average, 2.75 lakh patients were getting daily in September. It is clear though that there has been a decrease in infection in India compared to October. Between mid-September and October, 80 to 90 thousand cases were coming to India every day. Now the figure has been reduced from 40 to 45 thousand.


More than six lakh cases per day for 12 days
In the month of November, there have been more than six lakh cases of corona recorded every day for 12 days. On other days also, this number has been between 5.60 and 5.90 lakh patients. On November 12, the highest number of cases was found in 6.62 lakhs worldwide.

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America bounce again, panic over December
This increase in corona cases has been observed between the festive seasons across the world. Again in the US, between 1.75 lakh and two lakh patients are getting daily. 13-15 thousand new cases are being received daily in European country Britain, France. Corona has gained momentum again throughout Europe. It is feared that the number of patients can reach one million daily in view of the celebration of Christmas and New Year in December.