Home Article The vocabulary used to explain feelings displays our true way of thinking

The vocabulary used to explain feelings displays our true way of thinking


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The phrases and phrases we use to explain our feelings are a dependable indicator of our psychological well being and basic well-being, a brand new US examine finds.

“Our language appears to mirror the emotional states which might be most acquainted to us”

As a part of this work revealed within the Journal of Comparative Psychology, a staff of scientists fromUniversity of Pittsburgh decided {that a} broader vocabulary to explain destructive emotions and feelings was related to psychological misery and poorer bodily well being. Conversely, extra phrases describing constructive feelings have been indicative of well-being and good bodily situation.

Our language appears to mirror the emotional states which might be most acquainted to us “, Explain Vera Vine, lead writer of the examine. ” There appears to be a concordance between the variety of other ways we are able to designate a sense and the frequency and chance that we expertise it.. “

To examine the connection between the vocabulary of feelings and life experiences, Wine and colleagues analyzed 35,000 public blogs, in addition to the essays of 1,567 college students, who repeatedly shared their moods throughout the examine. The evaluation discovered that individuals who used extra destructive phrases, together with references to sickness or loneliness, have been extra vulnerable to despair and neurosis, and have been much less bodily match than these with extra tendency. to speak about their hobbies, their accomplishments or their social relationships.

Important implications for psychology

According to the examine’s authors, these outcomes recommend that a person’s vocabulary displays their emotional expertise, however don’t enable us to know whether or not using destructive phrases is helpful or dangerous for the topic in the long run. Although the researchers famous throughout their experiments that college students utilizing extra phrases to explain unhappiness, concern or anger appeared to change into extra unhappy, anxious or nervous.

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There is at the moment a craze for increasing emotional vocabulary and educating individuals to specific their destructive emotions exactly. “, highlighted Wine. ” Although we frequently hear the expression ‘to call the higher to tame’, I hope that this work can encourage researchers engaged on such a strategy, to establish the potential pitfalls related to the extreme evocation of destructive emotions. , and to outline the potential utility of favoring constructive phrases. “

It is probably going that individuals who have had extra life-changing experiences have developed a richer vocabulary related to destructive feelings to explain the world round them. “, Explain James W. Pennebaker, co-author of the examine. ” In on a regular basis life, these identical individuals might extra simply characterize nuanced emotions that may have an effect on their temper as destructive.. “

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