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The unlikely cause Madonna refused to collaborate with David Guetta


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Some are supertitious, others conventional, Madonna is hooked up to astrology.

Guest on MacFly and Carlito’s YouTube channel, David Guetta shocked everyone with a story about pop star Madonna. The DJ lent himself to the sport of the 2 YouTubers which consists in telling anecdotes after which guessing whether they are innovations or if they are true. David Guetta explains that a very long time in the past, he had made a remix for Madonna, with which he gained a Grammy Awards. Very enthusiastic, the singer had then contacted him to supply his subsequent album.

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I arrive for lunch, it’s going very well. We speak about everything, the music, what she needs to do for the album, how she sees the factor, what are my concepts. (…) So we say okay nice, when do we begin the album? We arrive on the cafe and she says ‘by the way in which, what’s your astrological signal?’ I inform him scorpion. There all of a sudden she makes a face… She says to me ‘I’m sorry, we will not be capable to work collectively, it was a pleasure to know you, goodbye’ », He explains.

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An anecdote that turned out to be true, as McFly and Carlito appropriately guessed. For a story of astrological signal, David Guetta due to this fact missed the chance to supply the album of one of the best feminine artists.

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