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The United States exceeds 20 million cases of coronavirus


NBC News

U.S today surpassed the 20 million accumulated cases of coronavirus and registered a new record of hospitalizations for the fourth day in a row, hours after the country entered 2021 and left the deadliest month of the pandemic behind.

In total, the country counted 20,043,565 infections and 346,894 deaths by covid-19, according to the updated count of the Johns Hopkins University.

The hardest hit country in the world by coronavirus Sum in the last 24 hours 221,444 confirmed cases and 3,255 deaths, according to a specialized portal that maintains the national account and despite the fact that the authorities had warned of the low number of tests or the delay of results due to the holidays.

December was the worst month of the pandemic for the United States, both in terms of infections and deaths and hospitalizations. In all cases, the April peaks were exceeded -when New York and neighboring states collapsed– and in the middle of the year, when the outbreak became widespread in much of the south and west of the country.

However, experts cautioned that the figures could increase even more throughout the territory in the coming weeks, as a result of the meetings and trips of the end of the year holidays.

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