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The OA, Glow, The Society … Netflix explains the cancellation of many series

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In recent months, Netflix has been canceling its series. If this year is quite special with the health context, the streaming platform had already made the decision to cancel some of its series long before that. Remember Sense 8 and The OA. Here is the explanation of Netflix.

2020 is a year of cancellations in spades. Indeed, Netflix has canceled no less than 12 series. Among them, I’m not okay with this, The Society, Dark Crystal or Altered Carbon. If some of these series were not unanimous with fans, Netflix had released the Covid-19 card to justify some of these cancellations. But not only.

Indeed, Netflix has built a reputation for canceling everything. According to Ted Sarandos, co-CEO, and Bela Bajaria, creative director, Netflix doesn’t cancel more shows than others. Asked at the Paley International Council Summit, they pointed out that Netflix was renewing 67% of its original series. Which corresponds to the average in this industry.

“I also believe that we must not forget The Crown for example, whose season 4 has just been launched, Grace & Frankie, or The Ranch, we have long series and we will always have a mixture of stories excellent to tell in the format of the miniseries and series with many seasons. “ Cancellations also related to the platform’s policy. Effectively, Netflix orders a full season rather than a pilot episode for each new series.

“It’s always painful to cancel a series and nobody wants that. We order first seasons directly rather than drivers, which results in a higher cancellation rate after the first season. Even so, I still believe that commissioning an entire season is a better medium for creative expression for an author’s ideas and I think it’s the right model for us. “ So Netflix wouldn’t be any meaner than others. However, some canceled series may have deserved at least one end …

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