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The man who reached the throne of the king from the common man, alone was equal to 40 thousand warriors.


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There have been many warriors in the world whose name has become immortal forever in history. One such warrior was Napoleon Bonaparte, the great king of France. He has ruled a large part of the world. Born on 15 August 1769 in Ajachio on the island of Corsica, the Great Britain Warrior Duke of Wellington said of Napoleon Bonaparte that he alone equals 40 thousand warriors on the battlefield. Napoleon’s journey from a common man to the throne of the emperor was very interesting. Let’s know some interesting things about Napoleon Bonaparte, which you hardly know.

Napoleon Bonaparte is counted among the greatest generals in the world in history. He also implemented a new law code in France, called the Code of Napoleon. His law code recognized the practice of civil marriage and divorce. It was a big deal at that time.

Napoleon was not from a very rich-money family, but he was very fast in his studies, so his parents sent him to France at the age of just nine. His studies took place at different places and in September 1785 he received his graduate degree. Then later he joined the French army, where he was given the rank of second lieutenant in the artillery regiment. You would be surprised to know that Napoleon was made Brigadier General at the age of just 24.

Napoleon had won many battles with his bravery and prudence. He had also prepared the most powerful army in France as commander, but later some circumstances were created that he had to take the post of Emperor of France. In the year 1804, he proclaimed himself king in the presence of the Pope.

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After the defeat in the Battle of Waterloo in the year 1815, the British held Napoleon captive in the distant island of the dark ocean, St. Helena, where he died six years later. Some historians believe that the British killed him by giving him arsenic poison. Actually, arsenic is called the king of poison. Because of this, many parts of the body stop working and eventually the person dies.

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