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The legendary Le Grand Rex cinema is closing its doors in August, a first since its opening

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For the first time since it opened nearly 90 years ago, the legendary Parisian cinema Le Grand Rex will close its doors in August. Due to a lack of attendance and film proposals, due to the Covid-19 crisis, the cinema will close during this end of summer, and hopes to reopen at the end of August.

This is a first since its inauguration on December 8, 1932: the famous cinema of the Grands Boulevards in Paris, Le Grand Rex, will close its doors from August 3. Due to lack of attendance and because of too light programming, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the cinema explained that it was better for it to close its doors temporarily. ” We tried everything by reopening, with retrospectives that worked, with several sessions showing ‘full’. But it becomes difficult to innovate and attract the public with the ban on drawing in the catalogs of Disney and Fox. We reduced everything by starting our sessions at 4 p.m., closing some rooms, and rotating our teams weekly. But the public is not in the cinema », Deplores Alexandre Hellmann, owner, to Box-Office Pro.

Due to the lack of new productions, such as a number of cinemas, Le Grand Rex, when it reopens on June 22, offered reruns, retrospectives and thematic marathons (DC Comics universe, Spielberg, Tarantino, but also cult films like Casablanca). The postponement of Tenet, by Christopher Nolan, as well as that of Mulan, from Disney, a live-action version of the famous cartoon, cinema operators find themselves somewhat helpless in the face of the glaring absence of new productions. This is why the cinema announced its temporary closure “To overcome the reality of the moment”. ” American films in particular see their releases postponed every day. So we don’t have enough new content to offer you “, adds cinema.

The National Federation of French Cinemas (FNCF) called on the government for help, asking him for a “Strong act”. “Cinemas are helpless in the face of the lack of any prospect of recovery in their market”, she continues in her press release. “One month after their reopening, and with a drop in attendance of nearly 70%, cinemas are facing an unprecedented crisis which is seriously weakening them. The spectators are nevertheless at the rendezvous of the few films that some distributors had the courage to release when the cinemas reopened, but it is clear that the supply of films is insufficient. “

“We’re wasting less money closing than keeping teams with this demoralizing attendance. If all goes well, we hope to reopen on August 26th with a big American release, before a Harry Potter marathon that we will be offering anyway from the 29th ”, specifies Alexandre Hellmann, of the Grand Rex. The other reason given for the closure of the cinema is the period, August being the month when Paris finds itself emptied of its inhabitants. The cinema, having in particular a 2,700 seats and a giant screen measuring 300 m2, is waiting for better days to reopen, and should, during its closure, begin renovations. There is no doubt that Parisians will be there when this institution reopens.


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