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The Hunger Games prequel to President Snow revealed

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This year, the author of Hunger Games published his prequel book: The Ballad of the Serpent and the Songbird. A book about the youth of President Coriolanus Snow, the future dictator of Panem. The book will also be adapted for cinema. Today, the project is taking shape.

At New York Comic Con, the producer spoke to Entertainment Weekly on the Hunger Games prequel. What does the next Hunger Games have in store for us? Almost ten years after the release of the first book, the games are starting again. It will therefore be about the 10th Hunger Games, while in Ignition, it is the 75th that takes place. A different era, less “glitzy” games, and a way to show games like they’ve never been done before.

“I think seeing a character from the Capitol, with a point of view that takes you through a lot of history, is something we’ve never really done. We had some very good characters from the Capitol, but we only know them through the eyes of our protagonist from the District. We’ve never seen the world from the perspective of a Capitol figure, and certainly not Snow ”, said Nina Jacobson.

The film should be from the point of view of the dictator of Panem, and describe his evolution, as well as that of Panem. The opportunity also to discover Lucy, who according to the producer “Is a character who understands the strength of her femininity, (…) an artist with a very different personality, (…) more mysterious”. Francis Lawrence will direct, and the screenplay is by Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine, Hunger Games: The Burning, Star Wars: The Force Awakens).


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