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The fifth floor of this hotel is very mysterious, there is no button to go to the 5th floor!


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You must have seen many hotels, but today we are going to tell you about a hotel in North Korea which is unique in itself.

The fifth floor of the Yangkado Hotel is located in the capital Pyongyang, where no one is allowed to come. This hotel is the largest in North Korea.

The 47-storey Yangkado Hotel has a total of 1000 rooms. This is a luxury hotel where the rent for a room is around 25 thousand rupees. It was completed in 1992.

There is no fifth floor button in the lift of this hotel. Nobody goes to this destination. North Korea has made very strict and strict rules. If anyone goes to this destination, there is a provision for punishment for that.

In 2016, an American student named Otto Warmbier walked to the fifth floor of the Yangkado Hotel. He was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. He was also tortured a lot. Though he was later released, he went into a coma after returning to the US and died in June 2017.

According to Calvin Sun, another US citizen, the fifth floor of the Yangkado Hotel has small rooms like a bunker, and most of the rooms have locks. Paintings against anti-Americanism and Japan remain on the war. On every painting made there, it is written, ‘Everything made in America is our enemy, we will take revenge a thousand times from America’.

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