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The European Union authorizes the export of poisonous pesticides that it bans on its territory


The European Union (EU) would authorize the export of pesticides which it has however banned on its territory. At least that’s what a report by the NGOs Public Eye and Unearthed reveals, which accuses the European Union of hypocrisy by authorizing corporations to market to non-EU residents merchandise that it considers too harmful for Europeans.

Highly poisonous merchandise banned on EU territory

This is a brand new report overwhelming produced by NGOs Public Eye and Unearthed. Targeted, ” the hypocrisy of a legislative system that enables agrochemical corporations to proceed to flood nations like Brazil, India or Morocco with substances deemed too harmful for use within the EU“. Indeed, based on this report, in 2018 the EU licensed the export of 81,615 tonnes of pesticides banned from use on European territory as a result of they had been thought-about too poisonous.

Among these merchandise, paraquat has been banned within the EU since 2007 as a result of it represents a hazard of deadly poisoning for farmers who use it, but in addition persistent publicity to this pesticide, even low, can promote Parkinson’s illness. Then, dichloropropene, categorised as a possible carcinogen, is extensively utilized in tomato fields in Morocco. Finally, cyanamide, banned in 2008 inside the EU as a result of it was categorised as a possible carcinogen and accused of damaging fertility, is exported from Germany to Chile, Peru and South Africa.

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European corporations notably singled out

European corporations are notably singled out within the report. According to this textual content, Syngenta, a Swiss group manufacturing paraquat, is primary on this enterprise. Indeed, it alone represents 28,000 tonnes, or greater than a 3rd, of exports. In Switzerland, paraquat has been banned since 1989, 18 years earlier than the EU in flip banned it. Yet the model continues to supply its harmful pesticide at its factories in Huddersfield, England. The German corporations Bayern, BASF and Alzchem, in addition to the Italian Finchimica, are additionally pinned on this report.

These corporations primarily export their pesticides to Brazil, Ukraine, Morocco, Mexico and South Africa. The United Kingdom is the main exporting nation, adopted by Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and France. NGOs are outraged: “The well being or environmental dangers are dramatic. “ An official from the European Commission tries to justify himself: “A 2009 European regulation typically prevents the inserting in the marketplace and the usage of any pesticide containing unauthorized substances”, nonetheless this regulation “Only applies inside the EU”. “Thus, the manufacturing, storage or transport of such merchandise supposed for third nations aren’t topic to authorization”, he continues.

According to the Rotterdam Convention, initiated by the United Nations (UN) in 1998 and to which the EU is a signatory, exporting nations undertake to respect any restrictions on pesticides in importing nations. However, inside the European Commission, it’s defined that banning these pesticides for export ” wouldn’t routinely lead third nations to cease utilizing these merchandise: they might import them from elsewhere “. A apply which subsequently stays utterly authorized. In France, the Constitutional Council validated the longer term ban, in 2022, on the manufacturing and export of plant safety merchandise containing substances banned by the EU.


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