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The country, where three presidents were formed in just one hour, that incident is 106 years old.


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There have been many such incidents in history, which is very surprising to know about. A similar surprise occurred in a country in North America, where within an hour something happened that three had become president. Yes, it is surprising, but it is absolutely true. This country is considered the 14th largest nation in the world. It is also considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Let us know which is the country where the incident took place in a single day, forever and ever registered its name in history.

The name of this country is Mexico. The incident is 106 years ago ie 1913. It was on 19 February. Then-President was Francisco I. Madero. Pedro Laskurin became president within an hour of his presidency, but he resigned from his post in a few minutes, after which Victoriano Huerta became president. Pedro Laskurin became president for just 26 minutes. This is a world record.

Now let’s know some special and interesting things about Mexico. You hardly know that the oldest tree in the world is in this country, named Montezuma Cyprus. This tree is about 2000 years old, which is about 40 feet in length.

Do you know that the smallest volcano in the world is also in Mexico, named Cuscomate? This volcano is located in the city of Puebla. It is 13 feet long and 23 meters wide. A large number of people come here to roam and see the volcano up close.

There is also an ancient pyramid in this country, known as Chichen Itza. It is included in the seven wonders of this world. The Chichen Itza pyramid is believed to have been built by the people of the Mayan civilization.

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