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The blood of these creatures is colorful but not red, you will be surprised to know!


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You must have seen the blood of different creatures and you must have thought that the blood of all creatures is red. But we are going to tell you about some such creatures whose blood is not only red but of different colors.

Peanut worm

The blood color of this worm is purple. Actually, when oxidized protein named Himorithrin in the body of peanut worm, its color turns purple or pink.

Crocodile Icefish

These fish are found in the depths of the Antarctic. The blood of this fish is colorless and transparent. The blood of icefish does not contain hemoglobin and hemocyanin. Therefore, there is no color of its blood.

New guinea chameleon

The blood color of this chameleon is green. Chameleon muscles and tongue are also green.


The blood color of the octopus is blue. The reason behind this is that the amount of copper in the blood of the octopus is high, that is why its blood color becomes blue.


is also a sea creature. These creatures may be green in appearance, but their blood color is yellow. Scientists have not been able to know the reason behind this.

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