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The battle against Covid-19 is not over, Britains Prime Minister warns – battle against Kovid-19 is not over, UK Prime Minister warns


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Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned that the fight against the deadly virus is not yet over amid the approval of the Pfizer-BioNotech vaccine for the prevention of Kovid-19. The country has been formed and in the next few days more high-risk vaccination will start. Johnson praised the victory of science against the “invisible enemy” of the world, but urged people not to be too ‘optimistic’ that the fight against the virus could go on.

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The Prime Minister requested the people to follow the rules of Kovid-19 for winter. Lockdown is still in force in most parts of England and special precaution needs to be taken there. The British Prime Minister said on Wednesday evening, “It is a wonderful moment but there is no time for us to slow down our campaign.” The battle against Kovid-19 is not over. We need to be careful.

He said, “We were expecting a miracle of science against our invisible enemy.” Now we have got the strength to stop the enemy. Scientists have done this. We must celebrate the success of scientists, but the fight is not over yet.


Johnson said that the recommendations of the Joint Committee on Vaccination have been accepted that vaccine doses will be given to people living in ‘Care Homes’, health workers, elderly and seriously ill people in the first phase. He said, “There are challenges associated with transporting the vaccine from one place to another at temperatures below minus 70 degrees and every person will be given two doses at an interval of three weeks. Therefore vaccination will take time. ”

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The UK will receive eight lakh doses of the Pfizer-BioNotech vaccine next week and 40 million doses will be supplied in the days ahead.

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