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Thank you very much for the answer that Lionel Messi when Real Madrid wanted to sign


Could anyone imagine Lionel Messi wearing the Real Madrid shirt? It seems extraordinary for anybody, even if the fantasy flew over at some moments in the football world and it was bargain in the last European summer market after which Leo he expressed his desire to leave Barcelona. The story in the story of rumors, even a book of recent safe appearance that has been made by our management Meringue fueron bien concretes. Y that the answer that the emisarios of the club of the Spanish capital took place was blunt.

I was convinced Florentino Pérez, the president of Real Madrid. It was 2013 and his obsession was to hire Messi, the idol of Barcelona, ​​his eternal classic rival. The intent of the Madrid team was to produce a blow in the market to join Cristiano Ronaldo and, furthermore, weaken the culinary framework. Something like “if you can’t fight with your enemy, only you are”.

But it was blunt there Flea before management. And the answer to the emisary was without turning. “When I go to Real Madrid, you’re missing the weather”, let go.

Florentino Pérez's intention was to join Messi with Cristiano Ronaldo.  (Photo: AFP)

Florentino Pérez’s intention was to join Messi with Cristiano Ronaldo. (Photo: AFP)

La lapidaria Messi’s quote for Florentino was revealed by the journalist Gianluca Di Marzio, specialist in topics related to the football market, which has just published the book “Gran Hotel Calciomercato”. The story of Real Madrid’s intention to fall with Messi was familiar, but at the time he answered the question.

In 2018, the French digital research diary Mediapart, based on site documents Football Leaks, it was revealed that in 2013 Real Madrid wanted to pay the termination clause of 250 million euros del rosarino, who wanted a stratospheric offer.

According to Football Leaks, Florentino Pérez had wanted to propose to the Argentine who had signed a contract for eight seasons with a net salary of 23 million euros a year and a clause for which the club refrained from receiving any percentage of the player’s images. , estimated at at least 20 million annually. The lawyer for Messi was the recipient of the proposal from the Real Madrid bosses, who reserved a commission of around 16 million euros for Jorge Messi, padre del jugador.

Messi’s love for Barcelona, ​​the club and the city, I never get stuck. I left the past month when the goalkeeper told me he wanted to leave the team through a burofax. And that “you’re missing the time” that Florentino regretted more than ever before confirming unconditional love.



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