Terri Steffen

Terri Steffen is the wife of corporate takeover specialist Paul Bilzerian, and mother of the poker players Dan Bilzerian and Adam Bilzerian.


Terri L. Steffen was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US. She was brought up in California and also did her high school graduation there. She is a Stanford University graduate. In her childhood, she often enjoyed her summers in Crosslake city in Minnesota with her family.

Physical Appearance

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Family & Ethnicity

Parents & Siblings

Her father, Harry A. Steffen was an entrepreneur and died in 2006.

Terri Steffen's father

Terri Steffen’s father

Her mother’s name is Lois Steffen. She has six siblings; three brothers named Tim Steffen, Dan Steffen (died in 2012), and Greg Steffen; three sisters named Cynthia Haakana, Leslie Steffen, and Sheri Steffen.

Husband & Children

In 1978, she got married to Paul Bilzerian, who is also a Stanford graduate. After their marriage, they moved to St. Petersburg. To be closer to her father she moved with Paul to Sacramento in 1984. In 1986, they moved to Tampa, a city where they build their now-sold Avila mansion.

Terri Steffen with her husband

Terri Steffen with her husband

Terri and Paul are parents to Adam Bilzerian and Dan Bilzerian.

Terri Steffen with her family

Terri Steffen with her family

She is also grandmother to two boys- Everett Bilzerian and Ares Bilzerian (sons of Adam).

Terri Steffen's grandchildren

Terri Steffen’s grandchildren


  • Her father, Harry, was an entrepreneur who owned multiple businesses. He was the owner of Mount Rushmore, Tablerock, Brainerd & Lakeline Helicopter Companies. He also owned a real estate firm called Steffen Ranch Inc. in California, a water drilling company named Peters Drilling & Pump, and excavation company named Ryberg Construction Inc. Apart from that, he also revived a logging and lumbermill company named Gene West Inc. He was the President of National Farm Stores Inc., and as president, he developed shopping centres across Canada for farmers. Harry also served in the US Navy as a chief petty officer aboard the USS Tennessee (the lead ship of the Tennessee class of dreadnought battleships for the US Navy) in World War II.
  • When she was studying at Stanford, she used to ride in bicycle with Paul Bilzerian to do the chores. According to Paul, he used to peddle the bicycle and Terri used to ride on the handlebars and balanced laundry.
  • In 1986, her husband, Paul Bilzerian, was involved in stock parking and found guilty on 12 counts of violating securities and tax laws, conspiracy, and making false statements to the federal government. He was sentenced four years in prison and a fine of $1.5 million. After he completed his sentence, the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) filed a civil suit on identical charges against him, which was won by SEC and Paul was ordered to disgorge $62 million. After the decision, he filed for bankruptcy in 1995.
  • Terri’s name was linked to many corporations. In 2005, she founded Caligula Corporation (a company dissolved by the Florida Secretary of State in 2013) according to the corporate filing. Terri gave Caligula to Adam, who then handed it to Dan in 2006. Terri and her husband formed Paul A. Bilzerian and Terri L. Steffen Family Trust of 1995 in 1995, which was in a limited partnership with Overseas Holding Limited Partnership, owned by Overseas Holding Company. Overseas Holding once owned stakes in Cimetrix, a Utah-based software company, whose president was once Paul. She was also the sole stockholder of Bicoastal Holding Company that owed $90,000 to the Overseas Holding company, related to her family trust of 1995.
  • The Paul A. Bilzerian and Terri L. Steffen Family Trust of 1995 worth $11.96 million was for Adam and Dan. When Paul filed for bankruptcy again in 2001, the trust was seen as a medium for Paul to hide his assets and not give the disgorgement of $62 million to the SEC.
  • After Terri signed an agreement with the SEC to split the proceeds that she would get from selling her Avila mansion, Paul was released from prison in January 2002. The Avila mansion was of 28,000 sq. ft. in the area and contained 10-bedroom, 13 bathrooms, and six half-bath with indoor basketball and racquetball courts, four fireplaces, and a wine room. In 2016, the mansion was sold at $2.85 million.
    Terri Steffen and Paul Bilzerian's Avila mansion

    Terri Steffen and Paul Bilzerian’s Avila mansion

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