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Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chasma popatlal became the chef

Tarak Mehta's upside down, became the chef of glasses

Tarak Mehta’s inverted glasses

new Delhi:

Nila Film Productions Private Limited presents Tarak Mehta’s upside down Gokuldham Society of Chashma is upset. Lockdown has disturbed everyone’s life. Like other members, Popatlal has also tapped into tension. He wants to get married in lockdown. After Champaklal talks to Mahila Mandal, he calls Popatlal. Journalist Popatlal realizes his house is a fulltime cook due to the lockdown. Of course, in his otherwise life he had to cook for himself, but at least he had the option to eat outside, meet colleagues and other people. However, now, due to being stuck at home, due to their daily routine, they are feeling the lack of a partner.

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Doing the same household chores alone, he is longing for a life partner. Cleaning the house, cooking. T.V. alone Seeing this, Popatlal is completely bored now and is looking for a partner to spend his time. Popatlal explains to Champaklal that he has no objection in doing all the household chores but due to this his life has become frustrated and tasteless. Due to the lockdown, his work has been confined to the house and he is not able to meet anyone. After hearing all this, Champaklal feels bad about Popatlal. He thinks that not only Popatlal but also all the residents of the society are going through the pain of lock down and any solution will have to be found at the earliest.

Will Champaklal Popatlal’s dilemma be solved? When will Popatlal’s life partner be finished? How will Champaklal Gokuldham Society’s worries go away? Stay tuned to know about Neela Film Productions Pvt Ltd presented Taarak Mehta’s inverted kiss on Monday and Friday at 7:30 pm only on SAB TV.


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