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Why Bernie Sanders “Medicare for All” is not radical

Bernie Sanders’ „Medicare for All” – a universal health insurance for every American – is the centerpiece of his vision for a more equal...

USA blocks aid deliveries despite the coronavirus pandemic

United States has prevented a Chinese aid shipment of medical supplies to Cuba to combat the novel coronavirus. The North American transport company withdrew...

Thanks to worker participation, economy is booming

Cleveland, USA was once a booming industrial city. When many of the local companies moved to low-wage countries, the city’s economy and social fabric...

US Billionaires like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos get even richer

Corona crisis makes the richest even richer: The assets of US billionaires increase by $434 billion during the American lockdown period. The biggest gains...

Four stories of black police brutality across the world

George Floyd is dead. He was murdered because he was black. 46-year-old Floyd was choked by a Minneapolis police officer during an arrest. George...