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Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Popatlal Become Mechanic TMKOC


TMKOC: Popatlal becomes mechanic

new Delhi:

Nila Film Productions Pvt Ltd presents ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ (Popatlal) is going to be a big change in the life of Popatlal. Poppatlal, who is generally cynical, is going to change overnight. After losing his job in Hurricane Express, he feels that not having a job means losing the possibility of finding his spouse. A kind of fear arises in him that he wants to get a second job as soon as possible. If not in journalism, no other job is right.

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The next morning, Popatlal is ready to accept any job, requesting all members of the Gokuldham Society. On this, Sodhi immediately offers Popatlal a job in his garage, on which he immediately says yes with pleasure. Actually, due to the ups and downs happening in the life of Popatlal, many changes are taking place. But he has also decided to fight this battle of his life with great courage. They feel that doing nothing is better than doing something. In particular, they are more concerned about the fact that they never cancel their registration due to lack of jobs.

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Fearing this, Popatlal starts going to every house in the Gokuldham Society without wasting any time. He feels that until he gets a job in journalism, he should do some other work in which he will get to learn something new. Apart from this, he is also getting a lot of help and encouragement from every member of the Gokuldham Society.


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How will Popatlal play the role of a mechanic in his new job? How easy will it be for them to travel from journalist to mechanic. To find out, keep watching Tarak Mehta’s inverted glasses presented by Neela Film Productions Pvt.

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