Sushant Singh Rajput was all set to pursue a Hollywood career and he even planned to buy a dream home in Los Angeles, a close friend of the late actor has revealed in a touching note he penned on Instagram.

Joining fans to mark two years since the release of Sushant’s film ‘Kedarnath’, Vishad Dubey, a close friend of the actor, took to his Instagram account to open up about the actor’s Hollywood plans.

He continued…

“..Anyone who has ever become anything worth writing home about has had to handle fire and brimstone with naked hands, wander in the wilderness and survive under severe limitations.”


#Anecdote – He left for Kedarnath shoot , leaving me home with homework of reading 4/5 books ( Tipping point , Influence etc.) preparing individual summary and eventually a snapshot of actionable practices ( what Job Description I had 😛) so as to discuss it with Him post His return after around a month. Since I had a month , I was making progress at my own pace and suddenly after 2 weeks He like a ‘demanding Client’ calls and enquires, “Bhai ho gai saari? ” I replied , “lagbhag 2 ho gai hain , teesri start kar raha”😬, a little disappointed He continued , ” Aisa kar , is weekend tab sab karke , flight pakad kar yaha Kedarnath aaja , yahi discuss karlenge”. I said “Theek hai” and started preparing , packed few clothes (thinking will discuss and return in few days) and after around 3 days reached Gaurikund (Kedarnath) and met Him. The second night there we started discussing and after around an hour of discussion, He said ” Maza nahi aaya yaar.. ” 🤦‍♂️and continued , “Sun ab sirf Bollywood nahi karenge , jo humare bachhe hue commitments and movie discussions hain unhe jaldi poora karenge and 2020 tak Hollywood mei honge , ye raha detailed plan” And He showed me a rough sketch of His dream LA home which later translated , as a start , into ‘Orion’. Later we deliberated from scratch about what all needs to be done. (You all would have seen the final draft in Media 😬)He continued , ” Ab yahi par reh baaki shoot bhar aur hum discuss karte rahenge”. I was excited , but said ” bhai 2/3 kapde laaya main is thand mei kese… “, He laughed and replied, ” Arre itni thand mei main paani mei shot de deraha , tu itna nahi kar sakta , chal mere jacket le lio. ” And I understood , He can never live Alone 😛😊😔

What followed were days of discussions , hardwork and pure bliss in the lap of Shiva 🙏

Thanks Gattu Sir for Ishaan and

P. S. – Pic is from the times , He was planning for years ahead and that is why it is so engaging (even though a candid)

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