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Sushant singh rajput sister mitu singh request actor post mortem took place on same day he Died Reports


Many questions are being raised in Sushant Singh Rajput case. Some people have also raised questions about Sushant’s postmortem as to why the actor’s postmortem was done so soon. Please tell that Sushant died on 14 June and his postmortem was done on this day. Now according to the India Today report, the post-mortem doctor Sachin Sonawane says that the postmortem was done at the request of OP Singh, sister of Sushant and his brother-in-law, SP of Haryana Police.

According to the report, the doctor said that the postmortem was done in 90 minutes. On why the postmortem was done at night, the doctor said that there is no such rule in Mumbai and postmortem has taken place at night also.

Explain that the CBI has started investigation in this case. CBI’s interrogation of Sushant’s house manager Samuel Miranda has also started. The CBI also met DCP Abhishek Trimukhe. A team of CBI reached the Bandra police station and took the case diary and documents. Sushant’s phone is also with the CBI. A team is preparing for a dummy test at Sushant’s house. Contacting the contractor of the house, he has been asked to take the keys.

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Others including DCP may be questioned

The CBI’s attempt is to first interrogate the witnesses who were present on the occasion. After this, Sushant’s staff Keshav, his friends Mahesh Shetty and Siddharth Peethani will also be questioned. The CBI team can also interrogate DCP Paramjeet Dahiya. Sushant’s brother-in-law allegedly messaged DCP Dahiya. He had told that Sushant’s life is in danger.


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