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Sushant Singh Rajput roommate Sidharth Pithani reveals what he did first when he saw the actor body


His friend Siddharth Pithani has made some big revelations recently on Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case. He recently talked to Zoom TV about what he did first after seeing Sushant’s body. Siddharth said about the day that he was drinking chai in the morning, then his cook Keshav told him that Sushant had closed his room. Cook told that he wants to ask Sushant what to prepare for lunch, after which Siddharth went towards Sushant’s room. Siddharth knocks Sushant, but Sushant does not open the door. After this Siddharth goes downstairs and tells Deepesh (housekeeper) that Sushant is not opening the door.

Siddharth further explained that he then started looking for another key to the house, but could not find it. He said, ‘We knocked on the door so loud that the voice must have gone down. After this I called the key and called Sushant’s sister Mitu Di and told him that Sushant is not opening the door, you come soon.

Then when the key holder opened the door lock, we sent the key to home. I opened the door and I was scared to see Sushant inside. I then immediately called the police. After this, at the behest of Sushant’s family, I cut the cloth from which Sushant committed suicide. Dipesh and I then carefully put Sushant on the bed, in such a time, Mitu Didi also came.

Sushant’s friend told, the X-manager was crying after seeing his name in the news of Disha’s death.

During this period, Siddharth also told that the house staff used to complain that Riya was using Sushant’s money, but he was afraid. Siddharth further said, ‘When I told Sushant about this, he said that I know Riya is spending my money. But don’t get into it ‘.

Siddharth told that the staff of the house and the house manager used to say that Riya’s goods keep coming and she pays from Sushant’s account. Siddharth said about the 15 crore Matter, ‘I know Riya used to spend money from Sushant’s account, but don’t know about 15 crore’.


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