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Sushant Singh Rajput death identity of mystery woman seen in late actor apartment complex revealed as per reports


New revelations are happening daily in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. Recently, a channel shared a video of Sushant’s house in which a mystery girl was seen near his house after the actor’s death. This video went viral. Meanwhile, news is coming about Mystery Girl. Zee News reports that she is Jamila, a friend of Shovik Chakraborty, brother of Mystery Girl Riya Chakraborty.

Shauvik, Sushant’s two companies Vividrage RhealityX Pvt Ltd. And is also the director of Front India Foundation for World. The Vividrage company was launched in September last year i.e. 2019.

At the same time, Front India Foundation was started in January 2020 this year. The directors of this company are both Sushant and Shauvik.

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Sushant’s friend Ganesh says that a big party took place on 14 June. Many well-known celebrities were involved in it. A lot had happened in the party about which Sushant knew everything. In this case, a person named Sandeep had also taken the name Ganesh. He said that Sandeep also knows a lot. However, in the initial phase, he had said that information about Sushant’s death was delayed.

Ganesh on the other hand says that Sushant Disha knew some secret about Salian’s death. Some people had learned about it. Ganesh says that Sushant’s suicide is wrong. They could not commit suicide. They know who conspired with Sushant and they will reveal the names of all of them. Ganesh has also demanded protection from the police. Significantly, the party talk came out a few days after Sushant’s death. There were also various discussions about the party.


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