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Survivors ask Facebook to delete Holocaust-denying publications

(photo: Renato Alves / CB / DA Press)

Holocaust survivors launched a video posting campaign on Facebook on Wednesday (29) to ask the social network’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to erase content that denies the Nazi Jewish genocide.

The campaign began when hundreds of advertisers boycotted Facebook as part of the demands for the social network to hinder all types of content that promote hate and violence.

Survivors from around the world, including Eva Schloss, Anne Frank’s younger sister, recorded 30-second messages to spread on social media with the hashtag #NoDenyingIt (#NoTemComoNegar).

“I lost my whole family. Many, many members of my family. There is no way to deny it! Eliminate Holocaust denial from Facebook,” he pleaded on the video Schloss.

Zuckerberg, who is a Jew, was the target of controversy and many criticisms in 2018 when he stated that Facebook does not block publications that deny the death of 6 million Jews by the Nazis, because he did not believe that the denialists were “intentionally mistaken”, despite their publications “extremely offensive”.

In response to criticism, Facebook announced that it would block this type of content in countries where comments are illegal, such as Germany, France and Poland.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, where freedom of expression laws deny Holocaust denial in crime, Facebook looks at publications individually to determine whether they violate social media standards.

About a thousand advertisers, including giants like Coca-Cola and Adidas, interrupted their Facebook ads because they believed that the largest social network in the world needs to apply a tougher policy against hate speech.

Recently, Facebook has shown itself to be more proactive in combating fake news and has even deleted messages posted by the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Facebook says it alerts users when world leaders violate the platform’s standards, although their messages can be read due to their news value.


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