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Supreme Court Dismisses Trump’s Alleging Election Rigging Plea in Pennsylvania – America: Supreme Court Dismisses Trump Again, Pennsylvania Rejects Allegations of Election Rigging

us president trump
us president trump

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Washington. Even though US President-elect Joe Biden is busy preparing for the formation of the government, politics is still intact regarding the US Election Result. President Donald Trump has once again refused to accept his defeat.

However, the presidential transition process has formally begun. Trump claims that the November 3 presidential election was rigged and that he actually won the election. Trump expressed hope that he would remain president.

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In the midst of all this, Donald Trump has received another blow from the Supreme Court. Within hours of Trump’s victory claim, the Supreme Court rejected an appeal for electoral fraud in Pennsylvania.

Another blow to Trump

Let me tell you that a petition was filed in the Supreme Court on behalf of Trump’s election campaign to cancel the election result of Pennsylvania, which was rejected by the court and said that there was no rigging of any kind. Earlier, the lower court had dismissed this.

US Election Result: Trump fires official for dismissing allegations of election fraud

Let it be known that the Trump campaign has filed a petition regarding the election results of many states. The hearing on all these is to be completed before January 6.

Electoral voting is on December 14

Significantly, the voting of Electoral College will be held on December 14. Earlier, the votes would be counted on January 6. Biden’s victory in the Electoral College is certain. In that case, President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in on January 20, which will be the inauguration day. Trump has received 272 electoral votes so far while Biden has received 306 electoral votes.

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