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Supernatural cast

The story revolves around two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester. They follow their father’s rules, hunting demons, monsters, and supernatural creatures. Sam and Dean search for their missing father named John. Who went hunting but didn’t come back home. Sam and Dean’s mother was killed by a supernatural creature 22 years ago. They also save the lives of innocent people and their motto is SAVING PEOPLE, HUNTING THINGS, THE FAMILY BUSINESS.


Let’s have a look at the characters of this cast:

John Winchester John Winchester is the father of two protagonists, Sam and Dean. He is obsessed with the incident of her wife’s murder by a demon in which he fails to save her. John started an investigation to know about the cause of his wife Mary’s death. Eventually, he came to know about the demons, monsters, and superpower things and also about the people who hunted them. John became a hunter and he trained his son Dean as well.

Sam Winchester Sam is four years younger than his older brother named Dean. Sam’s mother was killed by the demon of Azazel when he was six months old. Sam was saved from a fire by his father, who gives him to his older son Dean and goes out for hunting supernatural things. Dean was the only one responsible for his brother Sam. He also has a girlfriend, Jessica with whom he lives and also wants to marry her.

Dean Winchester Dean is also the main protagonist of this series. He is a hunter and also a member of the Winchester family. He follows the footsteps of his father. He hunts and fights against religious, monsters, and superpower creatures. He is also known for handling a large number of weapons.

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Bela Talbot Bella is a fictional character. She makes a deal with a crossroads demon to kill her father. Later she becomes an artist and thief who steals confidential objects and sells them to rich and wealthy clients.

Ruby Ruby is a demon by her character in this film. In the third season, she appears wherein she helps Sam and Dean Winchester in fighting with her companion demons. In season fourth she wins the trust of Sam and begins to train him to kill demons with his psycho powers.

Castiel appears in the fourth season. He is introduced as an Angel of the Lord and also represents the theme of Christian theology. Castiel saves Dean from Hell and helps the two brothers in their battle with various demons.

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