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Super powerful girl !: she lifts no less than 80 kilos at 7 years old


NBC News

Little Canadian Rory van Ulft, aged seven, became the strongest girl in the world after lifting 80 kilos of deadlift with an Olympic bar. In addition, you can squat with 200 pounds on top.

Unable to compete in Canada due to the absence of high-level tournaments for her age, she recently won the United States National Weightlifting Championship in two categories, the Under 11 and Under 13. In the 30 kg category, she lifted 32 kg in the snatch and 42 kilos in the clean and jerk (two times), thus becoming the youngest champion in history.

“It would be fair to say that Rory is the strongest girl in the world”, proudly stated his father, Cavan, when talking to reporters.

He explained that this is proven by the Sinclair coefficients, with which the International Weightlifting Federation measures force pound for pound.

“Based on her current total Sinclair IQ, Rory is not only the strongest seven-year-old girl in the world: she is also likely the strongest seven-year-old girl or boy ever, based on existing records of competition results. verifiable “, detailed Cavan van Ulft.

Rory van Ulft.

Rory began weightlifting at age five, while also training in artistic gymnastics. Today he spends four hours a week in weightlifting and nine in gymnastics. He wears fake tattoos because he thinks “it’s funny.”

Her parents say that for now, being so young, she has no Olympic ambitions, and they don’t see anything dangerous in a sport like this for a girl, because “Rory has expert weightlifting trainers.”

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“Her safety is everyone’s top priority. She progresses her training in both sports carefully and methodically,” they say.

Despite her great successes in weightlifting, little Rory has confessed to her father a secret: “I prefer gymnastics to lifting weights, because in gymnastics I don’t have to lift anything above my head.”

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