From Sonu Sood, the user said, 'I can give my life for you', so this was an overwhelming response from the actor

User said to Sonu Sood that I am ready to die for you too

Special things

  • User said to Sonu Sood that I am ready to die for you too
  • Sonu Sood gave tremendous response to the user
  • Sonu Sood’s tweet went viral

new Delhi:

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is very active on social media these days. He often stays connected with his fans through Twitter. Recently, a user from Sonu Sood expressed his desire to meet him once. With this, the user said to Sonu Sood that he can also give his life for them. Sonu Sood responded fiercely on this matter of the user. Sonu Sood’s tweet about the user’s tweet is becoming very viral, as well as fans are also commenting fiercely on it.

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The user said to Sonu Sood, “Sonu Sood Sir, please give me a chance to meet you. I am ready to give my life for you too.” Sonu Sood wrote on the user’s tweet, writing, “Hope you live 100 years.” This tweet of Sonu Sood left no stone unturned to make headlines on social media. Looking at Sonu Sood’s tweet, it can be said that he is ready to help people even today. A user from Sonu Sood shared the story of the couple from Karnataka, in which the woman was unable to walk on her feet and she also needed a job. Sonu Sood immediately agreed to help them with this.

Let us know that Sonu Sood has left no stone unturned to win the hearts of people with his work. Sonu Sood proved to be the Messiah for the people during difficult times like lockdown. Not only did he send the migrant laborers to their home safely, but also made arrangements for their food and drink. Sonu Sood also helped the students trapped abroad. He called the students living in places like Kyrgyzstan home. Even today, Sonu Sood is always ready to help the public and this is evident from his tweets.

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