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Social media should be brought under the purview of the law, hearing on the petition in the Supreme Court tomorrow


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In this petition, the Central Government, Union Home Ministry, Corporate Affairs Ministry, Telecom Ministry, Twitter Communications India Private Limited and Facebook India etc. have been made defendants. This petition has been filed by Advocate Vineet Jindal, stating that the petitioner has currently filed a public interest litigation to force the defendants to direct laws to regulate and control the social media platform.

The petition also states that freedom of expression is a complex right. This is because freedom of expression is not complete and special duties and responsibilities have to be complied with, so this right is subject to certain restrictions provided by law.

The petition states that it is also necessary to look at the regulation standards implemented by different countries for social media, in order to present guidelines that can balance between freedom of speech and accountability of social media platforms .

This petition further states that the country has witnessed a lot of communal violence in the past, but today in the era of social media, this aggression is not limited only to the regional or local population, but it would take the whole country with them. is. Rumors, sarcasm and hatred serve to set fire to a local communal clash, but the same spread immediately across the country through social media. It has reduced the social distance between local communal conflict and national communal polarization. Today, a local communal conflict can be made a national issue in a few seconds.

The plea states that social media is playing a harmful role to incite communal violence in India and the time has come to stop this abuse. It has been argued that social networking sites are a threat to national security as they are being used as drug trafficking, money laundering and match fixing, terrorism, inciting violence and rumor-mongering tools.

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The petition states that social media instruments like blogs, microblogs, dialogue boards, SMS and perhaps the most burning issue is social networking web sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

The petition has demanded that the Center be ordered to enact separate laws to regulate social media platforms. Social media houses i.e. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. should be directed to hold them responsible for hate speeches directly among the society. Instructions should be made to make a separate law to run criminal cases on persons involved in spreading hate and fake news through social media. The Center should be directed to put in place a mechanism that automatically removes hate speech and fake news within a short time frame so that counter production of such hate speeches or fake news can be minimized.


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An order has also been sought to appoint an expert investigating officer in each case registered for spreading hatred and fake news through social media platforms.

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