Neha Marada is making her comeback to TV in a permanent role after almost five years. She will be seen in the character of Shubhra in the upcoming show Why Rishtey Ki Katti Batti …

Did not have to return yet

Neha says I was not in the mood to do the show yet. Wanted a little more break. I have a few institutes and a training academy for new talent in Patna. She also wanted to give him a little more time. I have always wanted to work with Arvind Babbal, the director of shows like Saraswatichandra and Afsar Bitiya. That’s why I heard yes for this show without hearing the story. I gave a look test. This made everyone believe that I would fit into this character and language style.

Got the point of the elderly

While working in this show, Neha understood an important thing said about the elders. She says the producers consider the show to be a family drama, but my thinking is different from theirs. People living in a single-family will be able to relate to this story better than a joint family. The main attraction of this show is children because based on them we will show Katti (resentment) and Batti (reconciliation) between their parents’ relationships. Seeing the quarrels between husband and wife, the elders of the house often say that they will have a baby. I understood this thing of the elders. After the birth of a child, the husband and wife’s attitude towards seeing each other changes.

Mutual understanding is important

To give proper rites to children, Neha considers mutual understanding between parents as essential. She says the environment in which we keep children learns the same things. Often people lose their temper in small matters, even raise their hands. It has a profound effect on children. Then, seeing the inappropriate behavior of children, parents say that they do not know where the child is coming from after learning all this. Children spend the most time at home. Therefore, the domestic environment and upbringing have the greatest impact on them. To give the right rites to children, restraint, understanding, and balance between parents is necessary. With this, they can solve their problems easily.

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It is important to realize your strength

Concerned with domestic violence and other crimes against women, Neha says, to protect women, todays society as well as parents need to change their thinking. Earlier, the mother used to tell her daughter-in-law that she can bear whatever happens to her, now her in-law is your home. Domestic violence occurs only with those who tolerate it. Such things will end in our society only when women stop thinking of themselves as weak. Women need to present their side without fear for their safety and rights. Along with this, women have to become self-reliant and get out of this insecurity where we will go after leaving the husband. Every parent should teach these things to their daughters in the direction of women empowerment.

Ready for maternity pleasure

Neha’s marriage to Patna businessman Ayushman Agarwal took almost eight years. Neha is now ready for maternity pleasure. She says with a slight smile, ‘If I had not been doing this show, by now the news of my pregnancy would have been going on. I would love to be a mother Many people asked me to choose between a child or work. I want a child with work too. Everything has its age. I just don’t want to spend my maternal age. If God blesses me after this show, then my next plan is to become a mother.

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