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Shortage of funds in government and private gaushalas in Delhi, only five to seven days of fodder left for cows – lack of funds in government and private gaushalas in Delhi, fodder left for cows for only five to seven days


Fodder crisis in Delhi’s gaushalas (symbolic picture)

new Delhi:

In Delhi, 25 thousand cows are facing shortage of fodder due to lack of funds in government and private gaushalas. Delhi’s largest government cowshed has only five to seven days of fodder left. More than 9 thousand cows live in this cowshed. But due to lack of donors in lockdown and lack of funds from the Municipal Corporation, now these cows are beginning to hunger. The operator of the gaushala says that we have a three-year outstanding of 18 crores from MCD, if the fund is not given, it will have to be closed. Only 25 per cent donations remain, people are not coming to donate.

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It goes on to say that four to five lakh rupees are spent every day in this cowshed. Due to lack of funds, dry fodder could not be purchased this year. The fodder godowns are empty. The director says that dry fodder is left for seven days, the farmers are not giving us green fodder because we are not able to give them money. It is worth noting that there are about 25 small and small gaushalas on this border of Delhi Haryana .. Apart from the Municipal Corporation, the cows of the Gauraksha teams are also brought, but all but a few are in great distress.

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When NDTV’s team reached Gaushale, no humans were found there. The Gaushala banner was damaged. When we talked with the operator’s phone number with great difficulty, he told that he runs a cowshed at his expense. It is worth mentioning that in Delhi, five government cowsheds were opened for stray cattle, abandoned cows of farmers and sick animals. More than 25000 thousand cows and cattle have been kept here. The mayor of the corporation also believes that there is an economic crisis on the cow schools. North Delhi Municipal Corporation Mayor Jai Prakash said that it is in our knowledge that I have also talked to the Commissioner, we are giving assurances that soon we will take a decision about the fund.

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