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Shehnaaz Gill And Tony Kakkar Song Kurta Pajama Song Shooting Done In 8 Hour Rahul Shetty


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'Kurta Pajama' by Tony Kakkar and Shahnaz Gill was shot in 8 hours, it is also attractive with easy hook

‘Kurta Pajama’ Song was completed in 6-8 hours

Special things

  • ‘Kurta-Pajama’ was completed in 6-8 hours
  • There is also an attractive song with easy hooks
  • The song director Rahul Shetty opened the secret

Noted dance choreographer Rahul Shetty who choreographed ‘Race 3’, ‘ABCD Franchise’, ‘Baaghi 2’, ‘Housefull 4’, DJ Bravo’s ‘The Mia Geet’ and ‘Street Dancer 3’ Choreographed for all the songs of Dee. He has also directed and choreographed this song ‘Kurta Pajama’ by Tony Kakkar and Shahnaz Gill. This song of Tony and Shehnaaz is going to be released on July 17. The special thing is that the shooting of Kurta Pajama was completed in just 8 hours. Director Rahul Shetty himself has told a lot about this.

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Talking about Kurta Pajama, Rahul Shetty said, “This feeling is really amazing because I was really living with the thought that I am not shooting this year because of the current scenario Will be able to. But I’m so glad I was able to direct it. It was fun to complete it in lockdown with so many limitations, less manpower, less equipment and less time. We’ve shot it in about 6-8 hours. I Tony. I have previously choreographed a song for Kakkar. One day I get a call from Tony and Anshul that they have the song “Kurta Pajama” and would like to collaborate on it. Without any thought I said yes because I got “Kurta The title was very much like “Pajama”.

Rahul Shetty further went on to sing Tony Kakkar and Shehnaaz Gill, “It’s such a simple hook yet very catchy. The first time I got to hear this track, So I turned to it. The taste of this song is very new and according to the choreography I have not choreographed it. But the flow of the song went with just a simple hook-step, in which everyone can groove to it. “With this, Rahul Shetty said that Shahnaz Gill is an energy bomb, who laughs often. She is always very keen to do different things and work with her integrity.

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